Tagged MR Image Analysis

HARP is the only FDA 510k-cleared software designed for the analysis of tagged magnetic resonance images. This innovative software solution uses HARmonic Phase techniques to measure and visualize the regional function of the heart: a sensitive indicator of heart disease. By measuring the deformation of the tags, HARP tracks the motion of the heart and quickly quantifies its movement, regional function, and torsion during the cardiac cycle.

  • harp4Accurately measure strain in the LV of the heart
  • Easy and fast wall motion quantification
  • Gold standard technique for strain measurement
  • Only FDA 510K cleared technology for analyzing cardiac regional function using tagged MR images
  • Reveals early indications of dysfunction and disease

True Regional Analysis

Unlike other modalities, HARP can evaluate the midwall of the myocardium, measuring the motion of  segments of the heart, including regional strain and twisting of the left ventricle. HARP measurements enable the detection of subtle changes in regional function that are nearly impossible to detect visually.


HARP’s patented technology has been used and cited in over 230 peer-reviewed and published papers, and has earned a reputation as the gold standard in measuring regional function of the heart.

Accurate and Precise

Strain maps produced by HARP are much more sensitive than conventional wall motion analysis, and can clearly show the degree and exact location of regional dysfunction.  HARP is very accurate and generates reproducible measurements — so reliably, in fact, that it is often used to validate other analysis techniques.