Cardiac MRI Quantification and Analysis

VIRTUE is an image viewer and comprehensive CMR analysis tool suite.  Ranging from a simple CINE analysis to identify ejection-fraction or a HARP analysis to quickly quantify strain, VIRTUE has many tools available for cardiac research.

Multiple Analysis Techniques

Images in VIRTUE can be analyzed using a variety of techniques to provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s heart. These tools are included with VIRTUE:

  • CINE – Measure global cardiac function including ejection fraction
  • TIA – Identify peak intensity and myocardial perfusion
  • SIA – Signal intensity analysis for myocardial hyper-enhancement
  • HARP – The gold standard for imaging and analyzing regional function
  • FLOW – Measures blood flow of major vessels
  • T1 – Quantification for T1 mapped images
  • T2 – Useful for measuring myocardial edema
  • T2* – Accurate measurement of myocardial iron content

Easy to Use

VIRTUE is user-friendly, quick to learn, and each module is designed to follow a similar workflow.  No matter which module or measurement tool is being used, results can be easily gathered and exported for additional analysis.  Contact us for more information and to schedule a trial to see how easy CMR analysis using VIRTUE truly is.